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Biweekly Issue 23, 2018- WELCOME TO TERM ONE 2018........pdf

Note from the Editor
Welcome to the first term of 2018.
A new year brings with it new ideas and attitudes. Despite the uncertain atmosphere that 2017 ended in, educationists tried their best to ensure our children continue learning. We were very happy with the overall results and grateful to the Almighty, for we would not have made it on our own. We transition to 2018 upholding our name as a Centre of Excellence. Already a lot is happening; our students are excelling in the Math Olympiad and we have launched a coding curriculum in the High School. Please take time to read our monthly digest and stay up-to-date!
We would highly appreciate your feedback.
Happy reading and a prosperous 2018!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 22 Popular

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Biweekly Issue 22, 2017- WRAPPING UP 2017 HIGHLIGHTS.....pdf

Note from the Editor

Dear All,

As we approach the end of the year, Makini School, its directors and staff, would like to extend their gratitude to you- our family, for your continued support throughout this year. Your belief in us has kept us going, and for that twasema asante.

That being said, enjoy the final digest of 2017 highlighting all the big moments in our school this year.

Happy holidays everyone, 'tis the season to be merry!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 21 Popular

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Biweekly Issue 21,2017- PASSION FOR TEACHING.Final.pdf

Note from the Editor

In this issue we explore both the teachers' and learners' passion for education. Our educators are very keen on enabling the learners, who themselves, are equipped to bring about and nurture their knowledge. It is a beautiful synchrony to watch; from the set-book enthusiasm to the International Book Fair event, and the school clubs, offering them a chance to become active citizens and community builders.

Download our digest to get the full details.

Happy Reading!

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 20 Popular

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Makini Biweekly Digest Issue 20.pdf

Note from the Editor

Dear all,

We welcome you to the last term of our school academic calendar. Unlike the previous terms where there have been plenty of school trips, culture and sports events, this term is more somber and focused on academics and the preparation of our candidates for the national exams.

That being said, read more to get up to speed on the latest developments in the children's academic progress as well as changes in the student leadership.

Happy Reading! 

pdf Makini Biweekly Digest Sports Day Special Edition 2017 Popular

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Biweekly SPORTS DAY SPECIAL 2017.pdf

Dear all,
We bring to you the Sports Special 2017. This special feature captures the fascinating sporting events held by the various school sections. The children engaged in friendly competitions and displayed their skills and talents in all the available sports: swimming, football, ringo and even chess. 
Let us know what you thought of the events by commenting.
Happy Reading!

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